The PUBlic Window : PHEOBE LAW


Pheobe Law’s practice is multifaceted, she works in mediums including sound, sculpture, film, installation, and performance. Pheobe is member of the Collective Studio at The Newbridge Project and lives in Newcastle.

Through her work, Phoebe seeks to re-evaluate the use and meaning of functional spaces, objects and devices. Her work examines the ways in which humanity mitigates nature and the peculiar aesthetic of safety equipment.

Recent works include ‘mado,’ live-streamed with ‘wavefold^5’ (Feb 2021), ‘A layer of liquid water,’ played at ’Spikersuppa Lydgalleri’ in Oslo city centre (Jan 2021), and ‘Grid (blue)’ displayed at System gallery, Newcastle (Sept 2020).

Her current research, entitled ‘herd’, has been focused on cattle, dairy agriculture, and urban wildlife, questioning the peculiarity of the man-made barriers we put in place to disrupt and distinguish us from animals. An example of this research is the series of hyper-decorative cattle grids made to highlight the absurdity of human intervention and control of animals.

“Fodder rack” will be displayed in The PUBlic Window from the 22nd February to 19th March 2021. Pheobe describes the installation as a ‘miniature test – an opportunity to experiment on a smaller scale’. The installation comprises of screen-printed wallpaper and a ceramic trough painted with a UV pigment.

For more information about Pheobe’s work, see her website: or her Instagram @pheobelaw

Alternatively you can get in contact with us at and we would be happy to answer any questions.