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RePUBlic Gallery – Exhibitions

COMING SOON October / November 2024 – Gary Wilkinson

COMING SOON September / October 2024 – Katherine Renton

COMING SOON August / September 2024 – John O’Rourke

COMING SOON July / August 2024 – Annabelle Blackett

COMING SOON June / July 2024 – Bede Academy End of Year Show

COMING SOON April / May 2024 ‘Northumbrian Assemblages’ by James Longfield LAUNCH EVENT 4TH MAY, 6PM

March / April 2024‘The Gare’ by Cody Sowerby

February / March 2024‘Know Your Place’ by Iain Bolton

December 2023 / January 2024‘Landmarks’ by Ellie Gair & Tom Ownsworth

October / November 2023‘Mutability’ by Graham Patterson

September / October 2023‘Slightly Unbalanced’ by Tom Dodds

August / September 2023‘Living Still’ by Louise Bradley

July / August 2023 – ‘STILLS‘ by James Ward

June / July 2023Bede Academy End of Year Show

May / June 2023‘Fragments’ by Conrad Milne

March / April 2023‘Pop-Up Show’ by Old School Gallery

March 2023‘Inside’ by Ghostcat

Jan/ Feb 2023‘Rare Bird’ by Helen Pailing

December 2022PLYable Design exhibition

November 2022‘Surface Dwellers’ by Tommy Keenan

8th October 2022Writers Reunited private event

August 2022‘extraordinary’ by The Caravan Gallery

July 2022‘Cowpen Paradiso’ by George Walker

June 2022‘Aesthetically Atypical’ by Bede Academy

May 2022 ‘After the Flood’ by Oliver Hoffmeister and Lucien Anderson

February 2022‘Drawn to Construction’ by Russ Coleman

December 2021‘A Place for Sitting’ by Chantal Makar

July 2021‘Energies’ – Group Show curated by Clifton Evers

The PUBlic Window

January 2023Mortal Coils by Mae Bloom

November 2022‘In-Between’ by Isabel Garfield

October 2022‘Mythical Creatures of Northumberland’ by LJ Matthews

August 2022‘This Green Plot Shall be our Stage’ by Abigail Hampsey & Georg Wilson

July 2022Erika Tyson Green

May 2022‘Summer Reign’ by Alex Leigh

April 2022 ‘Dip your Wick’ by Bethany Stead

March 2022‘Can’t Make a Silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear’ by Dolores Ramona

February 2022‘Pet Names’ by Matilda Sutton

January 2022‘Whilst I Live I’ll Crow’ by Matthew Dowell

December 2021PLYable Design

November 2021‘Looking In’ by Oliver Hoffmeister

October 2021‘001’ by George W Stewart

September 2021‘The Dreaming Body’ by Roman Vaughan Williams

August 2021‘F1T4PURP0S3’ by Tommy Keenan

July 2022 – Energies Exhibition

June 2021 ‘Origin Story’ by Sid and Jim

May 2021‘Rare Bloom’ by Taya Franco

March 2021Jet Coghlan

February 2021‘Fodder Rack’ by Phoebe Law

January 2021‘Sips of Yew’ by Angharad Creissen