The PUBlic Window: C.A BLOOM



C. A Bloom graduated from Wimbledon College of Art, with a BA in Sculpture in 2017. They have exhibited in Middlesbrough’s Dove Tail gallery and was a part of the Baltic Open Exhibition in 2021.

Their practice is interested in the way objects and images — particularly used, lost or handmade items — carry a multitude of meanings. Their work explores the way these things can interact to make new meaning. Mae aims to suggest stories and points of connection between disparate groups that run concurrently over time and place.

This PUBlic Window installation is a part of an ongoing project – Mortal Coils. These works explore the idea of ghosts as a metaphor for the constant, multi-layered transfer of material we leave in our wake. From the shredded microplastics from our clothes and biological debris of skin cells to the constant evolution of an urban environment, new buildings rising and falling on the same land, we are constantly layering spectres of change upon the world, as evidence of our passage through it.
Mortal Coil consist of two layers of Perspex, encapsulating debris, polyester shavings from clothing, found confetti, small pebbles. Pieces of string are arranged to obscure the view from both sides. The inside and the outside view become a trap for these ghost objects.

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