Tom Dodds

Slightly Unbalanced

Saturday 23rd September – Saturday 21st October 2023

Tom Dodds is a local artist from Blyth.

Having painted and drawn for many years, my works include landscapes and portraits, but my passion is working in the abstract medium. I am fascinated by the contrast between symmetry/asymmetry, and try to combine the two in a way that creates balance and harmony.

I don’t name my pieces; I prefer viewers to let their imagination decide what they see, and individual perceptions focus on different elements in the piece.

My work has been exhibited in Blyth, Tynemouth and the Moot Hall in Hexham, and it was very much appreciated at those venues.

I hope you enjoy this display. If you are interested in purchasing any of the works or would like to know more/ please email me:

On Saturday 14th October, the rePUBlic Gallery hosted a live music night with Dave Cowen, to exhibit the works of Tom Dodds, with refreshments provided by Metalhead Brewery and food by Nacho Average Cafe.