21ST FEBUARY 2022 – 18TH MARCH 2022

Matilda Sutton works between painting, sculpture and textiles, her practice deals with two interwoven and often synonymous subjects, the woman, and the animal.

Usually made on constructed or collaged paper and cloth surfaces, Matilda’s paintings and sculptures depict figures somewhere between ‘human-ness’ and ‘animal-ness’. Sometimes these images occur as scenes; hairy characters caught in various actions and glances; or sometimes they appear as arrangements of symbols and objects.

To date her practice has been concerned with the lived experience of the female, the human, and the animal. Drawing from personal experiences and memories Matilda’s paintings and sculptures attempt to articulate a form of complicated femininity, through the hairy women and the worlds they inhabit.

Matilda’s PUBlic Window ‘Pet Names’ displays her most recent sculptural works, constructed from cloth, clay, paper-mache and plaster. These pieces take the form of dolls or figurines which inhabit the window, Matilda describes the window installion as a ‘a painting come alive or puppet theatre of kinds’

For more information about Matilda’s work see her website or Instagram: @matildasuttonart