(2021, screen printed enamel, glass, plywood)

George W Stewart is a self-taught graphic artist and contemporary animator based in Newcastle upon Tyne. His practice is multifaceted, he works across disciplines primarily focussing on process-based techniques.

George takes inspiration from cultural imagery, past and present attempting to find commonality between the two. George is inspired by the stories of religion, cult, myth and folk law and how they can be interpreted within a modern context.

Imagery and drawing are central to George’s practice, he refers to the psychological phenomenon of Apophenia and Pareidolia as means to further contextualise how he thinks about his work. Apophenia is the term for seeing patterns in random data. Its sister phenomenon is Pareidolia an innate human desire to make sense of the unordered, convincing ourselves of patterns in a chaotic world.

George’s PUBlic Window Installation 001 recalls many of these ideas. 001  consists of three glass panels screen-printed with enamel, each panel is slotted within a plywood box. The layered prints and reflections in the glass create a detailed and intricate image. George describes the piece as ‘a visual interpretation of my drawing to printmaking process. When drawing up ideas for printmaking, the concept of layering is at the front of my mind’.  The layered glass builds incredible depth to the image but allows the viewer to gain an insight into George’s process, seeing how each print relates to the next.

This piece was created with the help of Tuna Mayo Studios (@tunamayostudios)

For more information about George’s work see his website or Instagram: @georgestewart_