Ellie Gair & Tom Ownsworth


A new collaboration between GAIR(ish) Paints and PLYable Design.

This exhibition showcases the first phase of a journey into exploring how paint, plywood and mark making can be combined.

Ellie Gair and Tom Ownsworth have pooled their talents to produce a series of pieces examining depth, perspective, colour, and contrast.

Painted landscapes inform compositions of graphic cut marks, outlining elements and structures.

Plywood provides the canvas, with layers of grain being revealed by cut marks through the painted surface.

Ellie paints and Tom cuts!

GAIR(ish) Paints began life as a creative outlet during the pandemic lockdown.

As an antidote, Ellie picked up painting again to escape into previously visited landscapes… with the motto being ‘why go outside when you can paint it instead?’  

Ellie’s love of place is also informed by an education in architecture, with an underlying thread in her work attempting to unpack the special qualities that make up a sense of place or home. Her practice, Studio Mint, is particularly interested in using art (and often food!) as a means of investigating community narratives and identifying opportunities for co-created cultural activity.  

Tom studied Applied Arts, which kindled a broad interest in mixed media, material properties, and the merging of these in new and dynamic ways.

Tom has worked in the Design Industry for over 20 years. Drawing on this experience he started PLYable Design in 2017, alongside architects Mags and Claire. 

As the name might suggest, PLYable specialises in using plywood in new and innovative ways, creating unique pieces of furniture, lighting, and product design.