extra{ordinary} Photographs of Britain

11th August – 18th September 2022

extra{ordinary} is a national touring exhibition of over 100 colour photographs taken between 2000-2014.  Selected from The Caravan Gallery’s huge archive of images, extra{ordinary} offers an insight into the reality and surreality of everyday life in 21st century Britain, seeking out and celebrating the curious, the unusual, the typical and the absurd.

The exhibition was held across 4 venues in Blyth, creating an exciting art trail for visitors to explore across the town throughout summer. Astutely observed, thought provoking and often hilarious, The Caravan Gallery’s images focus on the extraordinary details of everyday life and a unique record of social change since the millennium.

The exhibition is part of the £70m Energising Blyth regeneration programme.  Energising Blyth is revitalising the town over the next five years delivering new jobs and learning opportunities. It includes a programme of events, festivals and cultural activities aimed at attracting local people and visitors to Blyth and helping to drive the green energy revolution in the UK.  

Through the extra{ordinary} exhibition photographers and artists Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale want to offer a more candid, realistic view of Britain, which shows the good, alongside the bad and the ridiculous, celebrating how extraordinary ordinary, everyday life is. Their photographs show some strange and incredible scenes from the British cities they have visited. ‘We want to be thought-provoking and get people to look at their environment and the world around them a bit more,’ Jan Williams, The Caravan Gallery.

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For more information about The Caravan Gallery and extra{ordinary} exhibition check out their website  A beautiful hard-backed extra{ordinary} exhibition catalogue will be available from participating venues.