Graham Patterson


Graham Patterson is an artist based in North-Northumberland. His studio is located on a farm close to the coastline. His use of the found object extends back into his earliest works. Retrieving an item from the shoreline was a means of maintaining a connection to a space he cares deeply about. The ty-ing and tethering processes employed within his work is a direct link to his pa-ternal coastal lineage.

His work explores themes of place attachment, specifically between high and low tide. He views this as an egalitarian space where autonomous thoughts and actions occur. He has installed temporary works within this space to ex-plore concepts such as ownership, intuition and resourcefulness.

During workshops with school pupils he re-purposed shoreline debris into mark making devices. The repetitive processes required to create the marks, enabled him to recognise a link between work based activity and zoning-out into the subconscious mind. Initiating a belief that work can operate within the realm of play.

His projected film imagery has featured in dance and musical performances. The transient nature of projection and it’s adaptability, enabled him to com-municate fleeting visual imagery, often in then form of multiple projection utilis-ing positive and negative film, glass prisms and rotational surfaces.